Reglamento de la Federación Mundial WFTF 2016
2016-(e)ko otsailaren 25-(e)an

Para descargar el reglamento de la federación mundial de FT, inglés/castellano WFTF2016 .

Carta de agradecimiento del presidente de la WFTF.


Dear collegues,


I would like to congratulate the Core Rules translation work made from very dedicated people to this sport.

The translation is from English to Spanish and the work had the collaboration of the Asociación Field Target Euskadi (AFTE) and Asociación Zona Centro Field Target (AZCFT) so to then my personal thank you.

I believe several countries with Spanish as official language will benefit from this work.

This is one important step to make the rules more and more global and easy to understand by all.


Kind regards,

Sergio Rita



World Field Target Federation

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